Our Partners

Learn more about the partners and sponsors that made the Treasure Hunt possible! These are the entrepreneurs, companies, and projects building and innovating in the NFT space.

True Believer Sponsors 🖼️

by Protocol Labs

Free decentralized storage and bandwidth for NFTs on IPFS and Filecoin. Check out the website here.

Doodle Labs is dedicated to bringing established IRL artists and brands to the blockchain. Our platform is powered by Art Blocks’ generative minting technology, bringing you high quality collectible NFTs written on-chain. Join the Discord here.

The Drop Sponsors 🎨

Founded by the legendary WhaleShark, with the widely coveted NFT $WHALE VAULT at it’s core and with the DAO-empowered community driving the ecosystem, $WHALE is an already renowned example of a relatively new concept – that of a “social currency.” Join the Discord here.

Play-to-earn gaming in the metaverse. With $DG, you are the house: You control the profits, vote on new games, and earn money back directly by playing. Start playing here.

Play, Create, Own, and Govern a virtual world made by players. Enter the Metaverse and discover The Sandbox here.

Grail is a multimedia story that is driven by the community. Arthurian legend meets choose your own adventure, Grail offers participants the chance to vote on the protagonist’s course of action throughout an episodic tale that asks the question – who is really in control? Learn more on the Twitter account here.

We are hume. We are many. Learn more on the Twitter account here.

The Floor Sponsors 🖍️

Essential content for the defying individual – The Defiant is a DeFi/NFT news source. Subscribe to the newsletter here.

Ambition.wtf is a creative technology studio driven by experimenting, innovating, and breaking things. Pioneers of the share-to-mint, perma-nifties, and yoink-chain mechanics, we are creating the magic we want to see in the world. Explore our projects at Ambition.wtf and join the conversation on Discord.

Flamingo is an NFT-focused DAO that aims to explore emerging investment opportunities for ownable, blockchain-based assets. Learn more here.

Audius is a blockchain-based streaming platform built for musicians, and not just those signed to labels. Learn more about a music industry built on blockchain here.


The leading annual non-fungible token event. Check out the website here.

Gmoney – futurist. disruptor. ape. The Cutting Edge with gmoney. Live every Wednesday at 7pm EST. Follow him on Twitter here.

SHILLR is a one-stop marketing and consulting agency in the NFT and Web3 space. Check out the website here.

round21 is a sports lifestyle brand created in partnership with artists and athletes that unlocks self-expression through sports – whether you play IRL and in the metaverse. Check it out here.

The Blockchain Art Directory (BAD) documents projects and provides educational resources, in a decentralized way (think Web3 Wikipedia). BAD 2.0 is a place to highlight and experiment with the whole web3 community, in order to move forward and innovate. Learn more about the project here.

PleasrDAO’s modus operandi is to buy and fund culturally significant pieces and then create something fundamentally additive to the soul of the piece before sharing it back with the community. Check out their collection here. One example of their work is the original doge meme, which was purchased from Atsuko Sato, Kabosu’s true IRL owner, and then fractionalized so that any holder of $DOG is a part-owner of the meme. Experience the history.

The First Mint is a leading media company in the TopShot space and they’re about to zoom out to all NFTs. They’ve interviewed NBA stars and executives as well as Top NFT Collectors, like Whaleshark. Follow TFM on Twitter!

PizzaDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that emerged from a group of friends who met in the metaverse. United by a shared love of pizza, art, cryptocurrency and technology, the community has grown organically to include thousands of people from around the world. Find out more here.