POAP and NFT.NYC present…

POAP Hunt ’21

an official NFT.NYC satellite event

POAP is excited to announce POAP Hunt ‘21, an official satellite event of NFT.NYC. During the week of the conference, POAPs will be available to anyone who wants to go find them. POAPs will also be available to claim during unofficial events, parties, and most importantly, scattered around NYC. 

Participants will be able to view a map of the redemption locations online and/or receive a map containing the locations of various POAPs. They’re then invited to travel around the city to various locations, including galleries, bakeries and public spaces to collect the POAPs. Each POAP will act as a ticket to a raffle, which will be held via POAP.fun during NFT.NYC closing ceremonies. 

How to win

In collaboration with our sponsors, we’ve scattered QR codes redeemable for POAPs throughout the city. Each POAP acts as one entry ticket to a raffle, which will be broadcast live after the NFT.NYC conference to announce the winners of the awesome prizes we’ve gotten donated to support the event.

More details announced soon.

But the background image here is a clue!

What is a POAP?

POAPs are digital collectibles that represent the most memorable moments in your life. 

Every POAP is an NFT, or non-fungible token, created by an issuer for a set of collectors in commemoration of something important. Because they are written forever on the blockchain, POAPs have certain properties — they are unique, immutable, and owned fully by the collectors. This opens a world of possibilities in terms of present-day and future utility. 

Anyone can be an issuer, and anyone can be a collector. The decentralized nature of POAP makes the same functionality available to everyone from international mega-corporations to grass-roots communities.